"FYK" mango ripening stimulant turns cardboard box into ripening room

The mango season is currently in full swing in Brazil, Peru, and Australia. And the Mexican mango season also started in January. Although the price of mangoes in European markets is high, market demand still exceeds supply.

Considering the shortage of mangoes in the European and north American markets, ripening technology has become a key concern for mango suppliers. Recently a spokesperson for Shandong AWT Biotech Co., Ltd., a leading company in the field of ripening stimulants, talked about mango ripening management and "FYK" ripening technology.

Ripening is a key stage in the supply chain
Each mango goes through several stages before ending up in the hands of consumers: harvest, transport, washing, storage, and ripening, and only then are they displayed on the store shelves where consumers buy them. The ripening stage is an extremely important step in the supply chain. According to Li, manager at Shandong AWT biotech, "mangoes are a tropical fruit and are very sensitive to temperature. If the mango is stored below 10 degrees Celsius, the fruit will suffer 'frostbite' and turn brown. The ideal temperature for a ripening chamber is around 25 degrees Celsius. The mangoes should remain in this chamber for three days and then cool down in a room around 13 degrees Celsius. If the ripening process could be simplified or shortened, then that would have a huge impact on the supply chain."

"Consumers assume that the red or yellow color of mangoes indicates their ripeness, but this is not the case. Consumers will only enjoy their consumer experience if the mango is suitably ripe. Consumers prefer ready-to-eat fruit," explained manager Li. Ripening chambers are expensive and they do not easily respond to changes in the market. That is why Shandong AWT Biotech developed a more flexible, more convenient mango ripening product--"FYK" mango ripening stimulant.

"FYK" mango ripening stimulant allows flexible control over ripening time
According to manager Li, "the "FYK" mango ripening stimulant is a safe and healthy product. The active element in this product is ethylene gas. Ethylene stimulates the ripening process through the combination of RNA and proteins, which speeds up the breathing process. As the fruit breathes, the ripening process speeds up and the fruit ages. Ethylene ripeners such as FYK allow suppliers to control the time and place of ripening, which helps them respond to changes in the market.

"Small packets of ethylene ripener can be added to the cardboard box with mangoes, during transport or in the store. The packet is added to the cardboard box, and plastic around the box controls the input of air and the expulsion of CO2. When kept around 25 degrees Celsius, two small packets of ethylene ripener can bring a 10-kg cardboard box of mangoes to the right degree of ripeness in 2-3 days. This ethylene ripener is convenient and quick. Using "FYK" can turn the cardboard box into a mobile ripening chamber."

Mangoes that have gone through the ripening process with ethylene ripeners have a bright color, long shelf life, sweet flavor, and spotless fruit flesh. The product quality is far superior. This results in a better consumer experience, which makes consumers more likely to come back and purchase mangoes again.

The team of Shandong AWT Biotech works hard to produce convenient and efficient ripening solutions for global fruit supply chains. The company has more than 25 years of experience in research and development of ripening products. The company team pays attention to product development and technological innovation, and has developed a series of products including the "FYK" mango ripener, banana ripener, and grape preserver. These products are already certified in Turkey and Colombia. And Shandong AWT Biotech is looking for interested partners across the globe.

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