Sweet potato season starts in various regions of China

Currently, the sweet potato season in various production areas in China is gradually getting going and harvesting has started this month. “This week, we are harvesting sweet potatoes in Shaanxi. In order to ensure the quality, instead of blindly pursuing the volume, the production is limited to a reasonable level, therefore, our production this year remains at the same level as last year. On this basis, we sum up the experience every year and collect product feedback from customers to allow continuous improvement.” Mr. Wang Lei from Leilei Farm said.

Sweet potato cultivation center

Fresh sweet potatoes

“The purchase price of sweet potatoes ranges from 2-8 yuan per kilo, and the retail price ranges from 4-20 yuan per kilo, depending on the variety and origin. Thanks to the good quality and stable demand, our price remains very stable. Prices only fluctuate greatly when there’s a serious shortage of market supply. At the moment, sweet potatoes in many areas have entered the harvest period, such as qiaotou sweet potatoes from Hainan and small sweet potatoes from Lin'an. The “chestnut” sweet potatoes we grow in Shaanxi are not ordinary sweet potatoes, but sweet potatoes grown on the sandy banks of the river. The natural advantage of the Wei River sandy soil allows the plant to absorb natural minerals, and taste sweet and buttery.

Sweet potato cultivation center

Although markets abroad consume more sweet potatoes in the winter than in the summer, the demand in both summer and winter is stable in China, with no distinction between off-season and peak season, as Mr. Wang explained. “Currently, sweet potatoes are becoming available, and although it is summer, everyone’s purchasing enthusiasm is quite high. In the summer, the popular ways of consuming sweet potatoes include steaming them or making them into porridge, and in winter they are mainly baked. In the coming months, there is enough supply on the market. Starting from October, sweet potatoes are stored in the cellar to prepare for the winter and low supply periods of the coming year. In general, the price of sweet potatoes in the winter and before May of the following year is still high."

Baked sweet potatoes

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