European Potato Market (week 49)

Few spontaneous offers for Fontane and Challenger

Fiwap/PCA Market Message:
Industrial varieties:
Fontane: 25,00 to 27,00 €/q ; firm market ;
Challenger : 25,00 to 27,00 €/q ; firm market ;
Still very few spontaneous offers for those 2 varieties, discrete demand;
Bintje : stable markets :
• “friable quality” : max 15 % floating at 1060 g/l and PSE min 335 g/5 kg : 18,00 to 25,00 €/q. Very little offer, very few transactions ; higher courses for the lots intended for peeling and frying;
• “defective quality” : more than 15 % floating and/or PSE < 345 g/5 kg : approximately 15,00 €/q. Urgent offer decreases (progressive depletion of stocks).
Innovator : 27,00 to 28,00 €/q ; firm market.

European physical markets

Price summary (source: NEPG):

Bintje plant: Dutch plant, class A, returned March 2018, by 5 tons, in bags, hTVA : steadily rising prices (inquire daily), increasing demand, reluctant offer:

Size 28 - 35 mm : 93,00 – 98,00 €/q

Size 35 – 45 mm : 63,00 - 66,00 €/q

Forward market
EEX in Leipzig (€/q) Bintje, Agria and var. related for conversion, 40 mm+, min 60 % 50 mm +:

Last Thursday’s quotations saw the higher prices reduced for several industrial varieties, sign that the Dutch factories do not wish to contribute to the rising prices in December. On the domestic fresh markets, the soft flesh remain between 26 and 34 €/q, while the firm flesh vary between 35 and 40 €/q depending on their washability. Moderate export: 24 – 28,50 €/q at the producer.

PotatoNL quotation : also available on  

Stable markets and generally unchanged but firm prices. On the domestic fresh market, the supply pressure is very low, and the demand is expected to rise with the holidays approaching. Firm flesh between 35 and 41 €/q (category 1), soft flesh between 28 and 35 €/q. For export, the 45 mm+ at the producer ranges between 28 and 35 €/q.

Unwashed industrial potato, bulk, departure, hTVA, Nord Seine, €/qt, min – max (moy) (RNM) :

On the fresh market (Rhineland), prices were unchanged as of November 30th for firm flesh at 32 €/q for the storage output, and at 30 €/q for the storage output for soft flesh. For firm flesh on sale at the farm (Rhineland), prices ranged from 11,00 to 12,00 €/q per 25kg bag (unchanged). Prices up to 30,00 €/q were given for top quality lots. No major change in prices but the market is more firm, regarding quality issues (germination, premature ageing…) and noticeably higher tare.

Potatoes for industry (fries): prices are getting more firm, with a range widening upwards. The industry sets priority on existing contracts and works on problematic lots to reduce loss. Agria at 28,00- 28,50 €/q, Fontane at 27,00 – 27,50 €/q, Innovator / Ivory Russet at 29,00 – 29,50 €/q. On the transformation market, prices remain stable and firm.

Off the field, subtract 1,00€/q from these prices for sorting expenses

Average producer price (all markets) week 47: 29,21 €, compared to 29,10 €/q in week 46 and 28,32 € in week 45.

On the markets per bag, prices keep rising for big size lots, ranging between 31 and 40 €/q in friable Maris Piper. The market is less dynamic for the firm flesh varieties, prices stay between 40 and 47 €/q depending on washability (Charlotte, for example). Wholesale markets prioritize the friable quality between 31 (Maris Piper) and 38 €/q (Markies). The local industry offers 27 to 29 €/q but there is also some demand for exportation to the Belgian factories, at more than 30 €/q.

United States and Canada
(Source : NAPM/USDA via VTA) : The sudden arrival of winter has made it impossible to complete the harvest in Canada. Nearly 13,000 acres remain in the ground, mainly in Manitoba, on Prince Edward Island and in New Brunswick. The Canadian harvest is estimated at 4.6 million tons, down 260,000 tons from last year (-5.3%). In the United States, only Wisconsin left unharvested areas (+/- 5,000 acres). The total US harvest is estimated at 20.5 million tons (down 2.3%).

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