BLE Market report KW 41/18:

Peach and nectarine campaign completed

Peaches and nectarines
This year's campaign has come to a close. Yellow lots from Spain prevailed. The influence of Italian competitors was close to zero. Their marketing was partially discontinued as early as the middle of the week. There were primarily large 16 and 18-packs. Demand had dropped off enormously and it increasingly concentrated on other types of fruit due to the weakened organoleptic properties of the products. Since the reduced influx of goods correlated somewhat with reduced demand, marketers did not need to significantly reduce their prices. Only sometimes it possible to raise prices a little.

Germany dominated the scene with Elstar, Tenroy, Jonagold and Boskoop. Demand could not keep pace with the very abundant supply. Sales were not always satisfactory.

The Italian Williams Christ, Abate Fetel and Santa Maria dominated the range of goods, more so than the native Alexander Lucas. Generally, quality was very good. Demand was not particularly good.

Table grapes
Demand was satisfied easily, although availability was somewhat limited. Prices did not move much, fundamentally. From time to time they climbed, but only a little.

Supply, demand and the quality of the products dropped off somewhat. Prices mostly remained at the previous levels, provided that the quality of the lots held up.

The presence of Spanish Primofiori grew rapidly, while the impact of South African goods and the Argentine Eureka dropped massively. In general, prices were down.

The markets were well supplied by the ripeners. Demand remained consistently good, supported by the weather. Prices thus remained mostly constant.

Germany dominated events, more so than Belgium. France completed the market. Often only boxes of six were in stock. Availability apparently improved noticeably.

For ice berg lettuce, Germany shaped events and the Netherlands supplemented things.

The product range was almost equally composed of domestic, Spanish, Dutch and Belgian produce. Belgium supplied the complete range.

The Netherlands and Belgium dominated the scene. Spain and Italy followed behind. Supply expanded and exceeded demand at certain points.

Spain and the Netherlands dominated events almost on an equal footing. The range of goods grew as deliveries increased. Demand, however, remained at last week's levels, so price drops could not be avoided.

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