China: Local dragon fruits challenge Vietnamese imports

Because of its sandy soil and good climate, Vietnam has been able to create the world's largest production of dragon fruits. It produces fruits 12 months per year, 1 crop per month. Dragon fruit is not the most produced variety of fruit in Vietnam, but it is definitely the most exported one. It makes up 80% of Vietnamese fruit exports. According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam, 80% of the dragon fruits produced in Vietnam are exported to China, while 99% of dragon fruits on the Chinese market are imported from Vietnam.

Dragon fruit cultivation area in Vietnam

Although most of the dragon fruit produced in Vietnam is exported to China, the Chinese market is very large and there is still room for competition. In recent years, the domestic production of dragon fruits has started to develop and it has even begun to challenge Vietnamese imports. The Chinese dragon fruit harvest season continues from May to November, which is basically the same as the harvest season in Vietnam. The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam's Asia-Pacific Market Division recently stated that the fast development of China's dragon fruit production has already become a huge challenge for Vietnamese export.

Dragon fruit

However, the varieties produced in China are different from the varieties produced in Vietnam. The appearance is also quite different. Vietnamese dragon fruits look better and fresher, they have a thicker skin and are better preserved. A lack of preservation facilities is a great obstacle for the development of the dragon fruit cultivation industry.

Fresh dragon fruits

From the quality point of view, Vietnamese dragon fruits have a poor taste, their flesh is dry and not sweet enough. They are only good for the low-end segment of the market. There is a huge gap in prices between Vietnamese and Chinese dragon fruits. Taking into consideration how sweet and tasty are Chinese dragon fruits, it can be a great chance for the industry to win back the local market.

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