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Average price of EUR1.25 at BelOrta, Belgium

Record high prices for Kanzi

For the second year in a row, Kanzi growers have gotten high prices for their premium apples. The Kanzi is the second largest club variety in the world. It is also the only one that can be cultivated in Belgium. Here, it is firmly anchored thanks to BelOrta. More importantly, the Kanzi, Migo and Greenstar, grown by Belgian farmers, is a firm favourite among Belgian retailers and consumers. An intensive marketing campaign with tasting on the shop floor won over many a shopper. Growers also get good prices. This helped the sale of these club apples, and pears gained momentum at BelOrta and proved that much more Belgian Kanzi could be sold. BelOrta, therefore, also has a three-year strategy to renew and expand the acreage used for the Kanzi.

Kanzi packed per 6 pieces

Exceptionally high grower prices for Kanzi
The past season has shown that the Kanzi guarantees a better income which is less dependent on market fluctuations. The average price for all qualities of Kanzi was EUR1,25/kg this season. Growers made EUR0,93 on all sizes and qualities. Centrally managed production, volume and quality mean this club variety has the same quality regardless of where it is in the world. This wins the consumers' trust and ensures high prices. At the same time, growers are assured of a product that gives them a good return and offers them an income for the future. The same can be said of the Migo, the Kanzi's pear equivalent.

The Kanzi apples in a box

Tastings put Kanzi retail sales back on track
From mod-November until the end of January, the Kanzi promotion teams held quite a few tastings in the shops. These took place in supermarkets in Flanders and Wallonia, and the results were immediately evident in the sales figures. Consumers keep asking for Kanzi. Kanzi apples are available in the shops year-round. First, those of Belgian origin and then BelOrta get fresh Kanzi supplies from other parts of the world, if needed. Kanzi and Play and Win are currently running a joint promotional campaign throughout Europe.

Proeven van de Kanzi-appel bij de retailer

2nd largest global apple market, solidly Belgian
Two years ago, BelOrta took over 33% of the shares in the company behind Kanzi, Migo, and Greenstar. This was done to establish these varieties in Belgium. This created a Dutch-German-Belgian share ownership. Kanzi and Greenstar are hybrids of the breeder, B3F, which is also a Belgian company.

In 2018, there were more than 80 000 tonnes of Kanzi worldwide. This means that the Kanzi is the second largest apple brand in the world. BelOrta believes these club varieties contribute significantly to the diversification of fruit cultivation. This season's high demand confirms that more of these Belgian apples will be sold if the acreage were to be enlarged.
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