Weekly departure from Europe to North America

Eimskip will increase calls to and from North-America and Europe. Weekly departures to North America from Europe is the result of a growing market in North America.

“Over the last few years we have seen more interest from our customers in North-America and Europe for more frequent calls between the continents,” says Vidar Karlsson, senior manager Trans-Atlantic and Short-sea. “Eimskip started sailing Trans-Atlantic over 30 years ago. The Trans-Atlantic trade has developed over time and now it is more mature then in the beginning.”

Vidar Karlsson, senior manager Trans-Atlantic and Short-sea.

The Icelandic shipping company is a leading transportation company in the North Atlantic with connections to international markets. In 2008, Eimskip decided to increase focus on the North America market. “Today it’s an increasing part of our services. In November 2017, we started a weekly service. Customers wanted weekly services to develop their trade. And we are answering that need”

Additional vessel in the fleet
“Eimskip is the only carrier with a direct route from Europe to Newfoundland,” Vidar continues. Focusing on New England in the USA calling the port of Portland in Maine. A vessel was added to the fleet and put on ‘Green-line’ to be able to make the weekly schedule. The Green-Line is the route servicing North America from Reykjavik. “This line gives our customers options that are not available with other carries” Vidar says.

Within the reefer container category, seafood is most important segments for Eimskip but meat and vegetables have been a growing part of the business as-well. “With Reefer goods we have a ‘last on board, first off board policy” Vidar explains. That means the reefer containers are loaded onto the vessel last and are first to be unloaded.

"Expert in the north"
“We sail in the northern Atlantic Ocean. Our captains and crew are experienced in all weather conditions,” Vidar says. The large shipping companies in the market are still building giants of the sea. “The average size of vessels is getting larger. Sizes of the vessels in our fleet will increase in coming years,” Vidar says. “However, the size of the vessels is limited by the depth and size of the ports they call so you could say that we operate in a niche market that is mostly defined by accessibility to the ports.”

Due to a consolidation of the large shipping companies within the industry, the number of players is decreasing. “We fill an important gap by serving ports and areas that the large players cannot do with the same flexibility as Eimskip,” Vidar concludes. “We try to be different by focusing on a personal long-term relationship with our customers.”

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Vidar Karlsson
T: +354 525 7137
E: vik@eimskip.is
W: www.eimskip.com

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