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New wrap kit promises convenience and freshness

The tendency for consumers to seek out easy-to-prepare, healthy meal options continues to grow. There is a new product in stores that has been created with those in mind. Ready Pac Foods, a producer of convenient, fresh meal solutions for nearly 50 years, recently launched the Fresh Prep'd Wrap Kits. The Wrap Kits are essentially deconstructed tortilla wraps. They are in a conveniently sized package with the tortilla wraps, fresh ingredients, and sauce, separate and designed to be put together just before eating.

The company touts the benefits of not having a soggy wrap, however they are also targeting people who are on the go and don't want to compromise on a healthy meal option. "The Fresh Prep'd Wrap Kits are ideal for the healthy convenience seeker," said AJ Bernstein of Ready Pac Foods. "These are people that are very busy and their life demands convenience. They are looking for healthy options but always seem to face a trade-off between healthy, tasteless food, or unhealthy but tasty food. With our product, we let them have it all - the wraps are healthy, they taste great and they're very convenient." 

Coming up with the flavors
The Fresh Prep'd Wrap Kits, which were launched last September, are available in four flavors. The company said the flavors were carefully selected based on current trends as well as consumer feedback. The current flavors are Bacon and Garlic Caesar, Roasted Vegetable and Feta, Southwest-Style Ranch, and Thai-Style Peanut. 

"We have monitored what flavors are popular out there at the moment and presented the ones that we feel will be most appealing to consumers," Bernstein said. "Ready Pac Foods has an Executive Chef and a Culinary Team that work together with R&D to discuss and experiment with flavors. We look at what flavors already exist in retail, as well as what's happening in restaurants and foodie publications. Once the varieties are developed, we then perform concept testing with customers. We let them make the wraps and listen to what they have to say. Some flavors outperform others and this determines which ones make it into the final options."

No more soggy wraps
Homemade wraps are a healthy food option, however many people are familiar with the tendency for them to get soggy by the time it comes to eating them. Ready Pac Foods said the Wrap Kits eliminate this unpleasant aspect by keeping the ingredients separate. The company also said the amount of fresh produce in each wrap helps consumers maintain a healthy diet.

"The wraps don't get soggy and maintain a great texture," Bernstein noted. "The wraps are still fluffy and soft when it comes time to eat them, and because the ingredients are separated, the vegetables also remain crunchy and fresh. Another benefit is that they are full of protein and most of our wraps contain 1/2 to 3/4 cup of veggies. Most wraps that you buy already prepared tend to be heavy on ingredients such as meat and cheese. However, our wraps are full of vegetables and taste great as well. Consumers also like having the option to customize their wraps as the ingredients are mixed by them. So for example, they don't have to put onions or hot peppers in if they don't want to."

Thai Style Peanut, in packaging, and prepared

Extension of existing philosophy
Ready Pac Foods said their aim is to provide healthy and convenient meal options for consumers. The Fresh Prep'd Wrap Kits fit in with this purpose, expanding on their current range.

"The Wrap Kits are an extension of what we do best, which is providing innovative ways to get more veggies into your diet," Bernstein explained. "Ready Pac Foods is a national producer and processor of fresh vegetables and fruit. We have a history of making delicious salads but wanted to add another option to have as an alternative to salads. We continue to develop products that help people eat healthier without compromise."

"In 2017, the Ready Pac Foods brand was incorporated into Bonduelle Fresh Americas," she added. "With four processing facilities throughout the U.S., the business unit focuses on fresh vegetables, salads and fresh meal solutions for the Americas."

Availability and future developments
The Wrap Kits have not been around for very long and therefore at this time, their distribution remains in stores in California. However, the company will want to broaden this once their presence is more established. The company said they want to ensure that customers who search for their desired healthier meal beyond the convenience aisle will want to buy the Wrap Kits.

Roasted Vegetable and Feta prepared

"The Fresh Prep'd Wrap Kits are still new and are gaining distribution," Bernstein explained. "Currently they are available on e-commerce sites such as Amazon-Fresh, and consumers can also find them in Costco stores across Northern California as well as part of Costco's Business Delivery. A number of major supermarkets in California also carry the Kits."

"The Wrap Kits compete in a much larger market than just pre-made sandwiches," Bernstein continued. "The healthy convenience consumer shops the whole store. So any other products that are healthy and convenient are in this category. This sector continues to grow as more and more people are strapped for time and still want to enjoy healthier and tasty food."

Ready Pac Foods also said that options like organic, and gluten free Wrap Kits are under consideration for the future. "The current range of wraps are not gluten-free as the tortilla is a wheat tortilla," Bernstein said. "We have a vegetarian option and there is scope for more development based on consumer feedback and general market trends. We want to make sure people always have the options they are looking for."

For more information:
AJ Bernstein
Ready Pac Foods
Tel: +1 (626) 856-8686

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