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Market supply does not meet demand

Countdown to market entry of green oranges from Qiongzhong county

"Green oranges from Qiongzhong county in Hainan city are a kind of biological non-hazardous fruit. They ripen faster than others of their kind, so they have a very competitive strength on the market. This product has become known nationally because of its thin green peel, sweet taste, and its abundance of juice. In comparison to other oranges, its fibers are more fine, so the taste is better," says mister Chang Zhongjie from Hainan Biological Fruit Agricultural Development Corporation.

Mister Chang Zhongjie on the green orange plantation in Qiongzhong

A green orange from Qiongzhong, unified with the blue sky and white clouds

"This year the harvest of green oranges in Qiongzhong started before Ocotber 29th and supply will continue for another 2 months. In the past couple of years, the local government sustained the production of green oranges and considered it as an important project. They provided a lot of support for the traders and merchants within the industry, including sending out packaging material. They also strictly monitored the harvesting periods and the quality of the goods. Especially since last year, the relevant department has used online commercial platforms to the fullest to promote the green oranges from Qiongzhong on the national level. This caused a huge profit after last year's bumper harvest." 

Green oranges on the plantation in Qiongzhong

Green oranges with sparkling tasty pulp

"With our farmer's cooperative, we monitor and own a plantation area of 33-40 hectares in Qiongzhong county. We estimate that this year the output of green oranges will be more or less 10% higher than last year's, while the price will also have gone up by approximately 20%. This is mainly because we are profiting from the strong market demand. The harvest has not officially started yet, but we have already pre-sold 400-500 crates."

Green oranges with a high sugar rate

Very juice oranges from Qiongzhong

"At the present stage, online commercial platforms are our main sales channel. By making use of a representative who transports the goods by air, we mainly sell our top quality oranges in stores in the larger cities in China. We also sell to large real estate companies, high-end supermarkets and cooperative booths in Shanghai and Beijing." 

Chang Zhongjie: +86 181 0096 3536
Chen Zhiliang: +86 137 0046 4959
Hainan Biological Fruit Agricultural Development Corporation

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