Global export potatoes stop growing

Still growth in seedlings and to some extent also in frozen potato products
10 billion Euro. That’s the worldwide value of the export of potatoes. Frozen potato products account for half of the total; 2014: 4.8 billion Euro. Last year, the worldwide export of consumption potatoes had a value of 2.3 billion Euro, while seedlings represented a value of 0.8 billion Euro.

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Quantity-wise, the global trade in potatoes has remained virtually stable since 2011. Consumption potatoes make up over half of this total. The export of seedlings is still growing, and the export of frozen products still displays a very limited growth.

Netherlands most important export country for potatoes
The Netherlands is the most important potato exporter. Last year, the Netherlands exported 2 billion Euros' worth of potatoes. Over half of this consisted of frozen potato products.

Of the entire international potato trade, value-wise 21% came from the Netherlands. The overall importance of the Netherlands is going down though. In 2006 it was still 29%. The Dutch share is biggest in seedlings. In 2014, that was nearly 60%. In frozen potatoes, it’s a share of a quarter. The share of the Netherlands in the global trade of consumption potatoes is limited, at 7%.

In the international potato market, Belgium is the second country. The Belgians mostly owe that second place to the export of frozen potato products. Other important potato exporters are the United States and Canada. Canada exports a lot to the United States. US export is mostly focused on Japan, Mexico, China and South Korea. The North American countries are followed by France and Germany.
Import potatoes divided across many countries.

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The import of potatoes is divided across many more countries than export. The top 10 import countries represent half, while the 10 biggest export countries have more than 80% of the market. The United States is the world’s biggest importer, followed by France, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Belgium.
Global production 376 million tonnes.

Worldwide, according to FAO figures 376 million tonnes (2013 figure) have been produced on a commercial scale. This includes all types of potatoes (consumption, seedlings and industrial). China is by far the biggest producer, with a little over 100 million tonnes, followed by India (45 million tonnes), Russia (30), Ukraine (22), United States (20), Germany (10), Bangladesh (9) and France and the Netherlands, both with nearly 7 million tonnes.

Worldwide export consumption potatoes 10 million tonnes
The international consumption potato trade is more than 10 million tonnes in recent years (since 2010). The value fluctuates though. In 2013, it was 2.7 billion Euro, last year 2.3 billion. In 2014, France exported 1.8 million tonnes and Germany 1.5 million. Belgium, in third place, exported nearly a million tonnes, and the Netherlands around 0.9 million tonnes, followed by a number of non-EU countries: Egypt, China, Canada, the United States, India and Israel.

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Belgium and the Netherlands are by far the biggest importers of consumption potatoes. Russia, which was the biggest at one point in 2011, took third place in the list of importing countries last year. In the past season (2014/15), Russia imported 538,000 tonnes of consumption potatoes, half of which from Egypt. China, Israel, Pakistan, Azerbaijan and Belarus were other important suppliers to Russia.
France and Germany are the biggest export countries for consumption potatoes.

France and Germany are by far the biggest exporters of consumption potatoes. France exported over 1.7 million tonnes in the 2014/15 season, Germany exported 1.5 million tonnes. French export has continued to go down in recent seasons, after the 2.1 million tonne peak in the 2008/09 season. The German export, at 1.53 million tonnes, also didn’t come close to that of 2012/13, which was over 2 million tonnes.

France exports a lot of consumption potatoes to Spain and Italy. Belgium is the third buyer, and Portugal the number 5. 60,000 tonnes were exported to the Netherlands from France in the past season. According to German export statistics, 815,000 tonnes of consumption potatoes (for industry) were exported to the Netherlands, followed by Belgium with a quantity of 200,000 tonnes. The export of consumption potatoes from Belgium is also strongly focused on the Netherlands. In the past season, of the 900,000 tonnes total export, 580,000 tonnes went to the Netherlands.

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