UK: Fairtrade bananas buck trend of declining growth

Fairtrade fruits are bucking the trend in decline for fruits and vegetables amongst British consumers currently. As a product line Fairtrade has grown 12% over the past year, reaching a value of 1.32bn, compared to 1.17bn the previous year.

The growth comes largely as the result of supermarkets moving to sell Fairtrade products at prices closer to conventionally produced items.

Some chains have even switched to fairtrade altogether. The Co-op is to announce this week that that it is ready to exclusively supply fairtrade bananas from now on, in line with Sainsburys and Waitrose who have already made the move.

However, although there is clear growth and despite the UK being the largest market for Fairtrade products, the sector remains very small and the Fairtrade movement has been criticised by the Institute of Economic Affairs for overstating the effect it can have on helping developing countries.


Publication date: 2/28/2012

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