Italy: 'Targa Bacca d'Oro 2012' prize for organic grapes of Gruppo Tarulli

The prestigious 'Targa Bacca d'Oro' will be awarded in 2012 to Antonio Tarulli e Maria Daugenti, young entrepreneurs of Noicattaro-based 'O.P. Ortofrutticoli Gruppo Tarulli', the producers' organization of organic grapes. The award ceremony will take place during the 15th National Congress on Table Grape - 11th international edition - in Conversano, on February 3, 2012.

Antonio Tarulli and Marilena Daugenti during Fruit Logistica in Berlin.

O.P. Gruppo Tarulli, established in 2007, has emerged for the production and marketing of table grapes produced with organic farming methods. There are many varieties available, which are distinguished by colour, for the presence or absence of seeds, for taste and harvest periods.

Some of the varieties produced by the "O.P. Ortofrutticoli Gruppo Tarulli". From left to right: seeded Victoria, Crimson Seedless and seeded Black Magic. Below: the traditional 'Italia' grape variety, with seeds.

Among European countries, the German market is the most interested in organic grapes. The O.P. Tarulli sells 60% of its grapes in that market, followed by Austria, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Northern Europe.

Grapes from vineyards are sorted, packed and transferred to modern refrigeration cells for rapid cooling of fruit; then immediately transported to distribution centres with modern air-conditioned vehicles. In this way, grapes retain freshness and flavour, as just picked.

Warehouse for sorting and packaging of grapes.

In order to preserve freshness, quality and visibility of the product, available innovations for packaging are used: cardboard, with and without cover, wood, Steco, Ifco, ecoplastic punnet and bags.

Seeded Italia and Red Globe grapes packed in mixed punnets. Below: cardboard package for organic Italia table grapes.

In order to ensure the wholesomeness and purity of the grape, Gruppo Tarulli has obtained several certifications of the food and environmental industry, that meet requirements demanded by consumers.

The inspection body is the IMC, Mediterranean Institute of Certification, which constantly verifies the rules of the EEC Regulation 2092/91 are met. It is also Bio Suisse certified, which represents a further organic certification.

The GLOBALGAP certification guarantees the implementation of good agricultural practice. Gruppo Tarulli has also obtained other quality certifications: ISO 9001:2000, Grasp, Tesco Nature’s Choice.

The need to ensure consumer about safety is also guaranteed by the adhesion to the Global Standard for Food Safety BRC (British Retail Consortium) and IFS (International Food Standard).

Moreover, a website for the traceability of the product was also created, with the ability to verify the multi-residual analysis.

O.P. Ortofrutticoli Gruppo Tarulli
Viale G. Saponaro Sindaco - Zona P.I.P.
70016 - Noicąttaro (BA) - Italy
Phone: +39 (0)80 4783761
Fax: +39 (0)80 4783814

Publication date: 2/1/2012

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