UK: MEP moves to maintain Europe's movements!

A British MEP has gone to war with the EU over their recent ruling that prunes can not be claimed to bestow properties that make for regular bowel movements!

Sir Graham Watson, from the pro-EU Liberal Democrat party, was irritated by the stance which ignored many years of Great British tradition recommending use of the prune to maintain regularity.

He claims now to have secured a victory as the EFSA has now agreed to reconsider the qualities of prunes.

“The commissioner's scientific evidence is frankly wrong,” said Watson, “There is a body of public knowledge going back centuries.”

More specifically, prunes are known to contain sorbitol and phenolic compounds, believed to increase their laxative effect.

Watson says the issue is a serious one as the EFSA has recently rejected 95% of all health claims made about foodstuffs - including the anti-dehydration qualities of water.

“It seems they are rather suggesting that human kind is stupid,” he said.

The MEP is knows as something of a champion of the food industry by his constituents in the British South West, after having secured Euro certification for the Cornish pasty and Somerset cider.


Publication date: 1/26/2012

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