US (OH): Fresh express releases new organic salads

Cincinnati based food company Fresh Express has recently introduced two new salad mixes to the market. These new products are known as “Fresh Express Organic Biologique”.

To promote this organic salad mix, Fresh Express launched an awareness campaign called “Organic But More”. This campaign emphasizes the benefits of buying US Department of Agriculture (USDA) certified Fresh Express organic salads.

These two organic salad mixes are: “Organic 50/50 Mix” and “Organic Baby Sweet Lettuce”. “Organic 50/50 Mix” is a mix of tender lettuces (green leaf, tango, red leaf, red romaine, romaine, green oak, lollorosa, red buttered, and red oak) and nutrient-packed, crunchy spinach. “Organic Baby Sweet Lettuce” is a mix of baby romaine lettuces (green and red), baby green and red leaf lettuces, baby green and red oak lettuces, baby tango and lollo rosa, and baby spinach.

Fresh Express’ organic salads all pass USDA requirements in the category of organic produce. These organic salads are processed following the company’s “7 Steps of Prevention Food Safety Program”. The program is a multi-step approach to the protection of food. Included in the steps of this program is the washing of the produce using Fresh Express’ Fresh Rinse. Fresh Rinse is the company’s environmentally friendly produce wash that has already been proven to significantly reduce the presence of certain pathogens. Farmers that supply produce to Fresh Express must meet USDA’s requirements as well, to make sure that the produce is genuinely  all-organic.


Publication date: 1/24/2012

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