Brazil: Growers consider carbendazim alternatives

The harvest of oranges from Brazil is coming to a close, with Brazilian growers still unsure as to whether their produce is going to be accepted by the USA - its second largest export market after Europe, worth approximately $2 billion - as a result of carbendazim fungicide found in juice from the oranges.

Some growers in Brazil have already indicated a willingness to use alternative methods for black spot treatment if this is what is required to maintain trade with the US. Grower, Mario dos Santos, pointed out that carbendazim is already used in rotation with other, more widely accepted fungicides and that it would be possible to phase it out altogether if necessary.

The rejection of large amounts of Brazilian oranges, making up around 85% of global exports, would lead to an increase in prices for juice globally.

Meanwhile domestic producers in the US and Australia are still attempting to use the scare to their advantage, pointing out that juice from domestically produced orange juice is guaranteed to be free of carbendazim.


Publication date: 1/18/2012

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