tomatoes and cucumbers grown in ISS
"Vegetables from space contain more vitamins"

Without a solution for the food crisis life in Mars will never be possible. As the German magazine P.M. MAGAZIN (edition 01/2012) says, researchers are frantically searching for ways to grow fruits and vegetables in space. One thing seems to be clear though; vegetables from space contain more vitamins.

The crew surrounding the Japanese astronaut Satoshi Furukawa will possibly be the first cosmic cucumber growers in the history of space travel. Furukawa grows cucumber in the international space station ISS. His Russian colleagues are trying to do the same with tomatoes. The space vegetables are grown in two separate blue incubators in artificial light on a limy nutrient solution.

If Furukawa and his colleagues are successful and provide a good result, they cannot make a tomato-cucumber salad. This could be to dangerous. "There are no indications that vegetables grown in space contain harmful substances, but even then all cultivated vegetables have to be thoroughly investigated", says Rupert Gerzer, manager of the Aeropace Medicine Institute.  

Publication date: 12/20/2011

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