Peter Hobert, Bud Holland:
"Many unknown fruits find their ways to the European market through us"

Bud Holland was started 42 years ago as an importer of fruit and vegetables. Around 1975 the definite step was taken to switch to specialisation in the area of exotic fruit and vegetables. Since then many unknown fruits have found life on the European market, through Bud Holland. Today another arrival is coming for the European market, the Achacha.

"We can still rightfully call ourselves specialists in our area", according to general manager Peter Hobert. "We supply almost all products straight from storage and have build up a worldwide network. A high continuity in supply and the linked high orbital speed of the products makes freshness almost a guarantee. There are exceptions, but that's inherent to the branch."

The Achacha is grown in Australia

Bud Holland's assortment consists mainly of exotic fruit and vegetables. Almost all products are available all year. "We import our products from over 65 countries. Most by air. Of course climate changes are sometimes a barrier." Think of the ash cloud last year, caused by a volcanic eruption in Iceland. At the moment there is still trouble due to extreme weather conditions in, e.g., Thailand, Guatemala and Kenya. "Luckily we're flexible enough, due to our large network, to shift around a bit when needed", explains Peter. "We can't do it in seconds of course, but by informing our customers of it on time, we're able to keep our position."

Renewal of cooling systems

In January 2010 the renewal of the complete cooling system at Bud Holland will be started. A project that will take around six months. The execution of this is in the hands of Van Nijssen cooling. Who have been a faithful supplier to Bud Holland for years. The planning has been prepared so that the daily proceedings won't be, or will hardly be influenced by the work. Besides the complete renewal of the cooling system a number of cells will be added and made suitable for cooling as well as ripening.

"So called multi-purpose cells", he adds. According to Peter more ripe to eat products are being demanded from the trade and retail. Bud Holland still imports and supplies most products naturally ripened. "Ripening mangos, avocados, and papayas is a bit of added value, but it's also important that most fruits are ready to eat."

Socially Responsible Business

Bud Holland is proud of the fact that they maintain relationships with suppliers that have been around almost as long as the firm. Mainly parties that introduced a lot of new products to the European market together with Bud Holland. The renewal of the cooling system is part of MVO (Socially Responsible Business). The most modern and energy efficient techniques will be used. All of the lighting in the Bud Holland location was also recently replaced by LED lights and using 'air curtains' at the entrance doors to the pilots, the cold and warm air flows are controlled.

"Besides this, we also support a project in Brazil that supplies schools and sport opportunities for children", Bud Holland is also no stranger to the local and regional (sports)associations and does it's social 'duty' to them. 

View of the future

Peter says that he is proud that Bud Holland is still a completely independent company. Last year the importer was nominated by Integron in the category Import and Wholesale, in the area Customer Experience, for the Experience Award 2011 besides e.g. Kyocera and Coca Cola. "Despite becoming second in the end it is a huge honour. You look into the mirror twice a year and learn from it that it's important to remain sharp and take nothing for granted."

"In the area of marketing we use current communication methods, such as Twitter, to stimulate sales by giving information. The technological and communicative developments won't reach a standstill any time soon and will be adapted continually."

For the coming years Peter expects Bud Holland to keep its position and looks toward the future with faith.

For more information:
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Publication date: 12/14/2011

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