CuorePack, a heart shaped package for berries and strawberries

The idea of CuorePack came out when the company Lojovi - strawberry and raspberry exporter in Europe - decided to have a new package to sell their products in on Valentine's Day.
"It well really well the sale with the new package, as 95% of our packaging is from abroad", affirmed Francisco Macías, from CuorePack.

England is the main client, followed by countries like Germany, France and the Netherlands. As well as consolidating these markets they hope to reach Austria, Russia and Sweden.

The most important production campaigns for CuorePack are the Valentine's Day season (from the 1st to the 14th of February) and May, for Mother's Day. "85% of the production takes place in February, but with the new package shapes we wish to spread the season", he added.

In the begining, CuorePack had only a big package, but when realizing their clients needs, asking for different sizes, they changed the strategy and today they offer three sizes of heart shaped package. The big size with a capacity to store 400 grams of berries; medium size for 200 to 250 grams; and the small size, with capacity for 150 to 200 grams of berries like blueberry, cherry, mulberry, raspberry, among other products.

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Publication date: 12/13/2011

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