8,000 HA production to be disposed of
Substantial reorganisation fruit and vegetable giant Univeg

The Belgian fruit and vegetable giant Univeg want to reorganize substantially. The multinational will be more involved with the basic activities, the trade in vegetables and fruit. This is according to a press release. One of the parts of the 'strategic plan' as called by Univeg themselves, is the spliting of the trading activities in fruit and vegetables from the own production.
The production units are going to be controlled by a new company UNIVEG-fruitpartners. According to releases in various Belgian newspapers 8,000 HA of orchards are involved in Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, South Africa and Turkey. Univeg is looking for investors to take over a large part of the shares of UNIVEG-fruitpartners. Univeg will also get rid of the flower division. Univeg took over a lot of companies during the past decades. In this way Univeg own the Dutch Bakker Barendrecht and the well-known Turkish cherry producer and exporter Alara.
Appelvarieties B3F-44 en -45        
To get rid of the their own orchards is a striking decision from the board of directors of the company. The philosophy of the founder of Univeg, Hein Deprez, was to combine own production with sales within the company (vertical chain integration). At the start of last year Univeg announced, that they wanted to enter the market with their own exclusive apple variety. The company therefore bought the rights of two by the Belgian company Better3Fruit upgraded new varieties B3F-44 and B3F-45. Both selection numbers have Gala and Braeburn as cross breeding parents. In the planting season 2009/2010 the first 20,000 trees were planted in Belgium. For the 2011/2012 season 45,000 trees are being cultivated.

Source: De fruitteeltkrant

Publication date: 12/9/2011

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