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Successfull introduction of PB-PV Solar panel for pipe rail trolleys

PB Techniek Ltd from Maasdijk, The Netherlands, introduced the PB-PV Solar pipe rail cart at the Hortfair 2011. This is a solar panel that can be attached to any kind of cart, old or new. The panel was shown at the fair on a Benomic dubble scarce pipe rail cart by Berg Hortimotive. Koen Brabander: " The enthusiasm of the Berg Hortimotive team and the sharing of knowledge really helped us during development."  

Michel Broch at the Horti Fair


The innovation focuses on using solar panels on internal transport carts in greenhouses, additionally using assimilated lighting for charging. The solar panel has two functions:

In the sunshine

PB Techniek chose to introduce the solar panel in a fun way. Over 1000 sun hats were handed out and a "luxury charging week in the sun" could be won. Koen Brabander of PB Techniek: "The goal was to convince a few interested horticulturists to buy them. We didn't want to give them away for free to ensure only motivated buyers bought them".


There was a lot of interest in the invention. In the end five entrepreneurs actually bought the PB-PV Solar panel. The difference in price compared to the buying price of the first panels is financed by PB Techniek. PB Techniek also gives their usual service and guarantee on the product. "If the panels don't work, it's our problem." 

Buyers and their reasons

We asked the buyers to tell us why they invested in this innovation.
"I think it's great that entrepreneurs want to support this innovation, especially in this time. With this they show initiative and take responsibility, so other entrepreneurs in our branch remain motivated to innovate. And this is really needed to keep our position in the horticultural world', says Koen Brabander.



Six locations are sufficient to test the innovation in various circumstances, according to PB Techniek. The companies are followed and the results are published. "Good communication is the pillar in our branch. Lets remember that." 


PB Techniek reports that the five companies that are participating are already customers. We asked Koen Brabander whether he'd be doing the raffle himself. "I'm not sticking my hands on the lottery pot. Hereby; I'm looking for a notary who would like to do the raffle, in exchange for a bunch of flowers. I'll let you know!" 

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Publication date: 11/21/2011

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