Year round domestic pear supply
UK: New ripening technology increases pear shelf life

Advanced Ripening Technologies (ART) specialise in the design, development and installation of pressurized banana, and other tropical fruit ripening systems. Their ripening rooms are designed to provide lower running cost whilst increasing product shelf life and maintaining consistent product colour.

ART has developed its ripening technology to be used on other fruits, such as the pear. The ripening technology can control the ripening process to give a pear which stays firm but ripe for several days. This process was recently shown in on BBC TV in the UK. Grower Clive Baxter, who produces 1000 tons of pears annually can now supply pears at a high quality with a longer shelf life for 12 months of the year. Click here to watch video

The ripening process for the pears works similar to the cold storage process but using warm air instead of cold. This is forced down through between the fruit before being drawn up again ensuring that it reaches all fruit in the storage room.

Dave Rodden from ART explains that this process differs slightly from the ripening of banana’s or tropical fruits as the Pears come direct from long term CA storage and do not require the use of Ethylene gas. The rooms are based around the same forced air system widely used in banana ripening, removing the need to re-stack the pallets into a honeycombed formation.

The ripening rooms developed with Clive Baxter are the first of its kind in the UK. According to Dave, many discussions and research was carried out and meetings with the client to determine how this system should operate, it was a case of trial and error until they got it right. As a company ART works according to the customer's needs and supplies the whole process from design to installation to service.

The company operates through out Europe and has partners in the US and will train local agents to service their installations to ensure a top class service. In addition ART also provide online technical support.

ART is currently setting up in Australia and is also active in other counties such as Japan and South Korea. Dave explains there are definitely prospects in countries such as China, India and Pakistan but the infrastructure must be in place first.

Dave believes this technology will reduce the need for imports, cutting the carbon footprints of suppliers and retailers who will be able to offer local produce year round.

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Advanced Ripening Technologies
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Publication date: 11/15/2011
Author: Nichola Watson

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