Peru: Opportunities in India for Peruvian food

Different Peruvian foods have potential in the Indian market, as described by Paul Duclos, Commercial Economic Counsellor (CEC) in New Delhi. The Indian market is an emerging one that has had 20 years of trade liberalization, which is still expanding.

Also, Peru's agricultural exports to this country have grown 650% in the last eight years and 40% of the Peruvian companies that exported in 2011 were linked to the food sector.

India produces 25% of the global supply of beans. In India 80% of the population is of Hindu religion which means that Peruvian products like our lima beans, beans, quinoa, and cowpea (main agricultural exports of Peru to the east, reaching U.S. $ 1 million so far, 2011) have great potential.

In the case of fresh grapes, we entered off-season during the first half of the year, having phytosanitary certificates, registering shipments worth USD$ 800 billion in 2011. Also, our soups, vegetables, paprika, basil, oregano and fruits, among others have very good odds in a great number of supermarkets in India. "The retail sector participation in food sales will increase from 5% to 15% over the next four years, while in 2006 there was only one supermarket and the structure was based on street markets", he highlighted.

Also, products for the industry can be exported, for which Peru have begun the process of acquiring the respective phytosanitary permits, and among which: avocado, asparagus and citrus, which have no mass consumption but may be favored by the Westernization of consumption patterns.

By: Guillermo Westreicher H.

Publication date: 10/10/2011
Author: Paola Andrea Gutierrez Corredor

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