Holland: Berg Product to launch the Benomic II and Leaf Picker at Horti Fair

Berg Product announces the arrival of the new version of the Benomic at the Horti Fair. The successor to the existing, popular pipe rail trolley has undergone many improvements. Although these improvements are not always visible to the eye: the Benomic has been substantially modified under its ‘skin’. Over 1600 trolleys have been sold world-wide since its initial introduction. Since then many enthusiastic owners have made suggestions for improving the Benomic. The Leaf Picker shown at the Horti Fair is completely new.

Two years ago the introduction of the Benomic at the Horti Fair led to a lot of interest on the Berg Product stand.  In many aspects the Berg Product pipe rail trolley proved to be a significant departure from existing trolleys, thanks to the technology employed and the high level of user-friendliness. The speed and simplicity of operation in particular are seen as great benefits during harvesting and plant care. After being on the market for two years now, Berg Product has developed the Benomic even further. A large number of improvements which were requested by specific growers have now been included in the latest version as standard.

One of these improvements is the creation of a number of openings to both the battery holder and the top of the battery. This improves the battery charging process under all types of conditions, even in the hothouses. Another modification has involved enlarging the tread of the drive roller from 90 mm to 105 mm resulting in greater ground clearance thereby making it easier for the operators to mount the pipe rail trolley onto the pipe rails. Moreover, a smaller flange joint has been fitted to the motor so that it no longer comes into contact with the pipe rail system when mounting it onto the pipe rails. Damage to the concrete path is also reduced thanks to the wider tread of the wheels.

Integral provision for the battery charger is now also provided as standard. Therefore this makes it easier to fit an integral battery charger at a later stage. Furthermore, the integral battery charger can now be combined with a number of standard options including a nose wheel, tow bar and a guard for the controls.

Introduction of the Leaf Picker

The Leaf Picker is the latest addition to the product range. This has been developed to meet the demands from many growers so that they can clear up leaves using the trolley. The existing scissor trolleys cannot be used optimally because the operator’s position is too high. Initially three prototypes have been designed which are electrically driven and can be adjusted in height. Berg Product will introduce the Leaf Picker officially at the fair with the design being based on actual user experience.

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Publication date: 10/4/2011

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