Nature & More launches 'Great Initiatives'

Nature & More is launching the 'Great Initiatives' campaign. The fruit and vegetable supplier will hand out organic fruit monthly, to a person or organisation who is organising a (socially) sustainable event. Nature & More wants to use this to not only reward its customers, but also the consumer who is on the right track.

Nature & More has been working to break through the anonymity of organic vegetables and fruit in the shops since 2004, by giving the farmer a face and telling his or her story. Organic growers in developing countries often do more than grow food responsibly; many of them also work on social sustainability, by supporting their local community with a school, sport facilities or contribute to cultural activities.

These kinds of good initiatives are also done in Europe. Social sustainability starts in your own surroundings. Amongst the Nature & More consumers there are many people who try one way or another to enrich the lives of other people in their environment voluntarily: collecting for a good cause, painting the football clubhouse or visiting old folk. This is also social durability and Nature & More wants to support this.

This is why Nature & More will pick a project every month and will send a load of delicious and healthy organic fruit and vegetables to them. Organisations who qualify can register through Twitter, Facebook or by e-mail. Check out for more information!

Publication date: 9/29/2011

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