Kwekerij De Lindenborg
Holland: Taks delivers revolutionary cucumber harvesting system

Taks Tuinbouwtechniek from Breda has developed a new revolutionary cucumber harvesting system in collaboration with Twan Prinse from Kwekerij De Lindenborg.

The cucumbers are harvested into a container with a moveable bottom and back plate. In this way the cucumbers can be laid into it easily and the volume can be increased by moving the bottom plate automatically.

The containers are transported towards the grading area where they are emptied using a portal robot.

The container will be emptied from the front. This way the cucumbers roll onto the supply belt towards the grader neatly and without damage!

250 275 cucumbers can be put in one container. Two containers are placed on a cart.

During harvesting a saving of 10-15% can be achieved.

The total investment can be earned back in 3 years.

This system can handle 100 containers per hour and can be extended with a buffer easily. With a buffer no capacity problems can occur by containers only being filled halfway.

Its been tested and running for a few months now with full satisfaction of Twan Prinse.

Taks Tuinbouwtechniek
Leursebaan 304
4839 AN Breda (NL)
Tel: +31 (0)76 522 26 77
Fax: +31 (0)76 522 99 02

Publication date: 9/14/2011

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