"durable electricity without intervention of energy companies"
Glass horticulturists Kas Energy start energy company

The greenhouse horticultural companies 4Evergreen, Agrocare, CombiVliet, Kesgro, Lans, Looije, Plantenkwekerij P. van Geest and Red Star Trading - all of them already for some years involved in KAS Energy - will enter the private electricity market. The new company KAS Energy Nederland (KEN) has been on line for a month now and will supply electricity and gas to private households without intervention of energy companies.

Spokesman Jaap van Kriekingen is enthusiastic about this 'Westland' initiative.
"Previously one could never have thought that the vegetables on your plate could supply electricity. The electricity is generated in the most durable way with WKK's and KEN supply this without intervention of traders and energy companies directly to the consumer. We produce in a sustainable way at a competitive price and do not need all these links.  Why buy electricity from a German or Swedish company or a colliery company, when we ourselves supply cheap and durable elctricity."
"We in first instance go for the Westland consumers, but want to set this up on a large scale. Westland Energy does not exist anymore, but now the Westland people can purchase energy from a local supplier again" Jaap continues. "In a period that glasshouse horticulture is not always in the news in a positive way, this is a good windfall, also for these innovative growers. We have been live for just over a month and the first customers have already applied."

For more information:
Kas Energie Nederland BV
P.O.Box 12
2676 ZG Maasdijk

Publication date: 9/14/2011

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