Fresh produce becomes main activity for Bonduelle

The annual results of the Bonduelle Group show a clear trend towards fresh produce. It has even become the main activity of the company, which has always been known for its canned vegetables. The total turnover in the first semester 2017-2018 was 1420,3 million. 581,5 million was represented by the fresh produce, followed by 522,4 for the canned vegetables and 316,4 million for the frozen food. 

In the first semester of 2016-2017, in which Bonduelle had a total revenue of 1025,6 million, fresh produce only accounted for 202,4 million. The canned vegetables accounted for 504,7 million. The development towards fresh produce was mainly caused by the acquisition of the American company Ready Pack Foods, now known as Bonduelle Fresh Americas. 

Another major difference compared to the year before, is that for the first time the revenues outside the European zone were bigger than the revenues within Europe. In the first semester 2017-2018 Europe accounted for a revenue of 633,3 million, compared to 632,1 the year before. Outside the European Area revenues doubled and reached 787 million compared to 393,5 million the year before.    

Publication date: 3/8/2018

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