Onion prices in Nepal dropping to normal levels

The price of onions has started coming down to normal levels after reaching a record high in the domestic market. In the past few months, prices rose exorbitantly due to the curbing of onion exports by India, which is the main supplier of onions in the country.

The price of onions stood high in the months of November and December, and reached Rs 140 (1.74 euros) per kilogram in the retail market at one point. Experts and officials said that the price level is falling gradually due to the import of onions from India.

Myrepublica.com reported the price of onions was at a usual level of Rs 55 (0.69 euros)  per kilogram in the beginning of October, according to the retail price charts of Kalimati Fruits and Vegetables Market Development Board (KFVMDB).

Publication date: 3/2/2018

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