New Zealand: Apple thief cleans out Wellington community orchard

A thief was filmed carrying out a fruit heist at the Pukeahu National War Memorial park in Wellington. Equipped with harvesting equipment and a basket, the person stripped every apple from trees outside the education centre, in the dead of night.

Memorials manager at the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, Brodie Stubbs, said the trees were planted three years ago when the park was landscaped and were only just maturing and starting to fruit well. "Most of them probably wouldn't have been edible seeing as they're not usually harvested until autumn. But some of them were and people had been and were welcome to pick the apples as they ripen.

According to, CCTV has recorded the green-fingered thief. Stubbs said it is a small orchard and the public are welcome to help themselves as the trees are growing in a public place. For the future: "Wait until it's ripe, and just take a little bit so everyone can enjoy the pleasure of picking fruit. People must avoid being greedy."

Publication date: 3/1/2018

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