Italy: Melinda expects good profits for producers

As reported by L'Adige, the general assembly of Consorzio Melinda has approved the budget for 2017/18. 

"The estimated value of 85 million (i.e. 0.72/kg) is excellent, however costs will affect profits more because of the lower production." Due to frost in 2017, harvests were in fact lower than average, with a lot of produce destined to the processing industry.

The average profit for producers is estimated at 0.476 with respect to the total apple production - higher than last year.

As for 2016/17, the total profit for the 16 cooperatives was 0.457 per kg for almost 400 thousand tons in total (398,984.906). Cooperatives paid their partners 0.457/kg, while the average profit for members with respect to the total apple production was 0.433/kg.

Publication date: 2/26/2018

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