Daikin Reeferís active controlled atmosphere technology
New Zealand - Avanza: successful trials of Active CA technology for avocados

Avanza, a supplier of premium Hass avocados, has completed a successful trial with Daikin Reefer, a global supplier of container refrigeration equipment. Using Daikinís Active Controlled Atmosphere (CA) technology, Avanza trialled a proof of concept shipment of 6,500kg avocados between the ports of Tauranga, New Zealand, and Busan, Korea. The positive outcome now sees Daikinís Active CA in pole position for transportation of next seasonís avocados.

The trial took place in December, towards the end of the New Zealand avocado season, which runs from September to January. As global awareness of the health benefits of avocados increases, so too does demand. By slowing down the ageing process that food and other sensitive, perishable products undergo during transit, CA allows them to be transported in better condition for longer periods of time, extending shelf life.

Colin Partridge, technical manager and representative of Avanza, explained: ďControlled atmosphere reefer technology is essential to our business as avocados are a high respiring cargo and need precise optimal atmosphere levels throughout transit to safeguard quality over long distances. As the only active, rather than passive system in the market, we wanted to trial Daikinís Active CA technology to see if the benefits of an active system are genuine. Weíre delighted with the results and are now discussing the use of Daikinís system for next seasonís shipments.Ē

Hellenicshippingnews.com reports: As global populations and average salaries grow, the reefer segment continues to expand. New advances in CA technology are enabling the carriage of new cargoes on diversified routes. Daikinís Active CA is not only suitable for high respiring produce, but also low respiring leafy vegetables and fruits such as grapes and berries that have been traditionally difficult to ship over long distances.

Publication date: 2/21/2018

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