In reaction to curbing Iranian fruit imports
Pakistan exporters fear retaliation from Iran

Since Pakistanís recent restrictions on fresh fruit imports from Iran, the inflow of Iranian fresh fruits has plunged by up to 90%. Not so long ago, demand for Iranian fruits had increased in Pakistan as well as other neighbouring countries because of their better quality.

Now that Pakistan has succeeded in reducing imports, it should consult Iranian officials in an attempt to design a new plan for enhancing mutual trade benefits. Exporters believe these countries can substantially increase bilateral trade without targeting each otherís trade interests, so the fears of Pakistani exporters that the neighbouring country may hit back by imposing similar curbs will prove to be unfounded.

However, according to some sources, Iranian policymakers have been concerned about the strict measures taken by Pakistan. This comes at a time when Pakistanís exports to Iran are growing rapidly, creating an unhealthy trade environment for the neighbour. quoted one exporter as saying: ďIf Iran pushes ahead with its own restrictions, Pakistan may lose a lot as its growing exports to not only Iran but also to Central Asian states via Iran will come under threat.Ē

Iran usually imports food commodities from Pakistan with a relaxation in rules and quarantine standards. Owing to the preferential treatment, Pakistanís exports to Iran have gone up 42% over the past nine months whereas Iranís exports have increased only 7%.

Publication date: 2/15/2018

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