Tasmanian growers assessed for fruit fly support package

Over thirty key fruit and vegetable growers met with Biosecurity Tasmania and Fruit Growers Tasmania on Friday to work through the State Government's $ Fruit Fly Support Package.

In the three weeks since the first detection of fruit fly larvae on the Tasmanian mainland, trade inside the 15km control zone has been restricted into the rest of the State.

Growers are being assessed on the value of the produce they will lose as well as additional costs incurred such as new packaging or accessing new markets.
The recent meeting found affected growers had generated new commercial arrangements. Last season apples and early new season varieties with limited shelf life will be juiced under Spreyton Fresh, with the support package covering the difference. Tomatoes, which cannot be cold treated, will be moved into saucing - again with the difference in pro covered.

Over the next two days, tests in the new fumigation chamber established at Devonport Airport will be conducted on apples, berries, capsicums and tomatoes.

Long standing Queensland fruit fly trap in Huon Valley - checked weekly by Biosecurity Tasmania

Biosecurity Tasmania have committed 65 staff onto Flinders Island and around the Spreyton area in North-West Tasmania. Their duties relate to control, surveillance and eradication activities.

Since the first detection the response has involved:
Fruit Growers Tasmania maintain confidence the outbreaks will be contained and Queensland fruit fly eradicated.

Publication date: 2/13/2018
Author: Phil Pyke
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