Euro Pool System exceeds 1 billion tray movements in 2017

Producers and retailers have exceeded 1 billion tray movements with Euro Pool System in 2017.

“This milestone of 1 billion tray movements is achieved with all parties in the chain. We are happy to help our partners to drive the efficiency and sustainability of the fresh food supply chain. Choosing for reusable packaging implies a conscious choice for an efficient and sustainable supply chain.” says Gerjo Scheringa, CEO. “We believe that an increasing number of stakeholders will join our pooling formula, reducing the CO2 emission, preventing food waste and creating a better world for the next generation” Gerjo Scheringa concludes.

Each and every day producers, transporters, processing companies and retailers benefit from the advantages of our reusable trays and pallets: “they are strong, always available, stackable, clean, traceable and 100% recyclable”.

Based on the Fraunhofer study titled “The Sustainability of Packaging Systems for Fruit and Vegetable Transport in Europe based on LifeCycle Analysis”, one billion tray movements in 2017 results in:

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Publication date: 2/6/2018

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