Helping Indian farmers go organic - one step at a time

If there is one thing that the world seems to be obsessing on right now it is about the food we eat.  We are desperately trying to get back to being organic in the way we produce our food. And that means encouraging our farmers to make this change.

At the recent Tasting India Symposium in New Delhi, there were animated discussions over working towards a sustainable food culture. The question of Indian farming going organic was highly debated.

Miss Meera Mishra, India Office Country Coordinator of the International Fund for Agricultural Development said there are three fundamental reasons why organic food is being promoted around the world.

With this in mind, there are therefore three pillars of organic food: the producers, the organic trading companies and the consumers.

The Huffington Post recorded a farmer explaining what it means to go organic: "When you expect farmers to grow food without chemicals, for the first three years they have tough time with weeds. There is a loss of balance in the soilís eco-system, pests increase and there is lots of labour involved to manage this. In such a scenario, current certification systems can be a burden. In trying to make a farmer go organic, you canít be punishing him for it at the same time.Ē

More steps and elements need to be listed before farmers can make the change to organic, and government aid is just one of the prerequisites to this.

Publication date: 2/5/2018

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