Pineapple growing in New Zealand

Growing pineapples outdoors in New Zealand is limited to the winterless north and other warm, frost-free spots. However, planting in a glasshouse or growing as a houseplant is the next best thing. 

Pineapples are surprisingly small plants, as they are low-growing bromeliads with a spread of less than a metre in height and width. It can take several years for a plant to reach cropping stage, and when it does, each rosette will produce one pineapple on a stalk.

A article describes how pineapple plants can be grown outdoors in a warm and sheltered position. They can withstand a very light frost, but do not tolerate longer periods of low temperatures as their roots can't handle cold, soggy soil. Pineapples can also be grown in a pot on a sunny deck to keep roots warmer; just bring them in under cover in winter.

In a glasshouse or tunnel house, either plant directly into the ground or in a large pot. Pineapples grow readily in a hothouse in New Zealand as long as you can keep the temperature above about 5C on the coldest winter nights. "They grow best and quickest if they're kept around 25C most of the time," he said.

Publication date: 1/29/2018

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