Vietnam post-harvest losses hinder export

As Vietnam currently has little in the way of post-harvest technology or machinery, post-harvest losses are substantial. These losses not only refer to the quantity of lost crops, but also to the reduction in quality and access to international markets.

Some 70% of Vietnamís export fruit and vegetables are going to China, most of them fresh and unprocessed. Few of Vietnamís fruit and vegetable exports went to South Korea, Japan, the United States or the European Union because of Vietnamís limitations in storing and post-harvest processing.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, Vietnamís post-harvesting losses accounted for 10 % of rice production, 10-20 % of root and tuber crops, and 10-30 % of fruit and vegetables.   

An article by explains how in the Mekong Delta region Ė a major rice bowl for Vietnam, post-harvest rice losses were more than VNĐ 3 trillion ($ 132 million) a year, or 10-12 % of total rice production.

Publication date: 1/29/2018

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