Quality of the goods declined due to weather conditions
Limited shipments in French cauliflower export

Due to the inadequate quality, imports from the French regions of Normandy and Brittany to the German market are very limited. Due to the precipitation and the harsh wind in the north of France, a large part of the goods goes directly into processing rather than to the export market. This is confirmed by the sales department of the French export company Gosselin.

“Because of the weather conditions, we are currently unable to offer the products in the quantities we are used to,” said a representative of the company. Otherwise, Gosselin currently mainly deals with the export of savoy cabbage and leek. Since a lot of domestic goods are currently available in these areas, the export volumes are also very limited on this front.

The Gosselin company supplies the German market with many seasonal products from the major growing areas of Normandy and Brittany, such as leek, red and white cabbage, but also Romanesque and carrots. The company mainly sells two major brands: Gosselin and Prince de Bretagne. "For the German market in particular, we are seeing the application of all the certifications (Global Gap, etc.) and sustainable packaging such as cardboard, wood and EPS boxes," said a representative of today's developments on the German export market.

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Publication date: 1/22/2018
Author: Gerben Daalmans
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