New automatic sorting machine for pomegranates, grapes and cherry tomatoes

Lugo's WAVE system is a new technology for sorting and packaging fruit and vegetables. It is designed for fruits that require gentle handling throughout the sorting process, such as pomegranates, clusters of grapes and cherry tomatoes. 

A transport system protects the fruit against damage during the washing, disinfection, drying, sorting and packaging processes. WAVE includes a weighing system and advanced image processing software for sorting fruits according to size, colour and external damage. 

The machine processes up to 12.5 kg of fruit per hour and supports up to 24 conveyor belts. The WAVE system is modular and designed to maximise the capabilities of the packaging station based on throughput, packing requirements and availability of the work space.

For more information:
Michal Koriat 
Lugo, Machinery & Innovation 
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Publication date: 2/7/2018

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