Italy: Valente Pali anti-hail systems

The increasingly sudden and violent weather phenomena of the past few years must be taken into consideration when setting up a new orchard to avoid compromising it. Valente Pali has been analysing the situation for years.

"Wind, hail and snow cannot be underestimated or considered marginal. Often, structures were chosen that weren't sturdy enough to withstand the stress of weather events. Our approach combines theory and practice, which is essential to obtain clear results and develop good solutions," reads a note from Valente.

Some companies set up systems that weren't able to safeguard the fruit or optimise management and agronomic practice costs.

"We work with a team of engineers that provide us with data so we can make the best choices. The information acquired is included in our installation manual so as to always have available instructions on how to dimension, build and manage orchards."

The work required years of research, data, lab and field tests: everything to reach clear reliable answers and obtain the "SIKURO" guaranteed orchard seal."

The starting point is to define and quantify the stress structures are subjected to by wind, rain and hail and to decide on the properties and characteristics of the materials to use. Valente technicians and engineers can provide the best answers for grower needs and in relation to the type of orchard and area.

The "Grandine" ('hail') cover includes multipurpose nets that can perform multiple functions at the same time. It provides best performances against hail.

In this case, the cover is made up of a net with frame weaving and a 2.8x8 mm mesh in 0.32 mm HDPE polyethylene single-thread. It is available in either black or kristall, as the colours filter light differently.

This cover guarantees protection against:
- hail
- wind (15%)
- sun (16% – 18%)
- insects (Drosophila Suzuki, Carpocapsa, brown marmorated stink bug)

In order to be effective, orchard protection must be planned carefully. One of the essential rules to follow is that the space between ground and net must never exceed row width. The structure must be set up using C.A.P. posts with a cross-section suitable for the orchard size considering structure height and size.

The system must be anchored at the perimeter and tensioned to guarantee integral coverage. If necessary, orchards can be closed in at the sides to provide protection against insects.

Systems can anyway be customised to meet different company needs and optimise the orchard and surrounding space.

The system is called "Grandine" because it provides excellent protection against hail, but it has multiple purposes. What's important is to assess what result to achieve.

"At Valente Pali, we want investments to repay themselves in the shortest time possible and we want to supply sturdy reliable structures that are easy to use."

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Publication date: 12/6/2017

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