Australian man grows banana tree in a non tropical climate

A Horsham man is celebrating after his attempt to try something different.

TJ Hobbs bought some banana plants a few years ago and planted them in the garden of his Horsham home.

I planted three in my front yard and someone decided to pinch one. I bought another one and planted it at the side of my house, he said.

Three years later, it has started shooting bananas.

The bananas are still green but Mr Hobbs said the plant has produced a decent amount of the fruit, which typically grows in tropical areas. 

Theres a decent bunch of bananas. Theres a lot of bananas on there, he said. 

Whats his secret to the fruit-growing venture? He isnt so sure. 

I dont know how its even fruited, I dont even water it. Its just a fluke I think, he said. 

This isnt the first strange fruiting experience Mr Hobbs has gone through. He once had a lemon tree blow up in his backyard. 

I had a lemon tree in a pot combust on me. Ive still got the tree its burnt but its still in the pot, he said. 

Its all happening at our house. I can burn a lemon tree and grow bananas.


Publication date: 11/21/2017

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