"Top Delicacy" Xiuwen Gui long kiwi fruits
The best Chinese kiwi meets it's customers

China has a wide variety of kiwi fruits and accounts for about 40% of the global production. However, the Chinese kiwi industry is not fully developed and the quality of fruit from different plantations is uneven. In order to earn respect for Chinese kiwis and justify their high price with high quality, the Yuanxing Company adapted to market trends and began to promote their domestic brand "Top Delicacy".

"Top Delicacy" Xiuwen Gui long kiwi fruits

"Top Delicacy" brand

Experts say the Xiuwen county cultivation area that produces "Top Delicacy's" Xiuwen Gui long kiwi fruits is "the most suitable for kiwi cultivation in the world". Xiuwen farmers don't use growth regulators during the planting process. The fruits are great anyway: natural, long, fleshy and with an ideal 7:3 ratio of sweetness and sourness.

"Top Delicacy" Xiuwen Gui long kiwis

One with nature, "Top Delicacy" Xiuwen Gui long kiwis

According to their tradition of environmental protection, every production base adheres to strict standards of planting, fertilization and picking. Everything is done strictly in accordance with the EU pesticide residue testing standards -illegal fertilizers have never been used there. Irrigation and fertilization processes are monitored by intelligent big data systems.

"Top Delicacy" Xiuwen Gui long kiwis

In order to guarantee the good quality of "Top Delicacy" Xiuwen Gui long kiwis, Guizhou The Best Fruit Stock Industry CO Ltd, was the first company in Asia and sixth in the world to implement Aweta photoelectric high-precision sorting technologies from the Netherlands. Huge investment has been made to create "an advanced gas-adjusted fresh-preserved storehouse". As a result, it is possible to store "Top Delicacy" Xiuwen Gui long kiwis from 3 to 8 months, or even longer.

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Publication date: 11/16/2017

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