Bram Werkman, Landjuweel:
ďTable potato market not that bad for packersĒ

Although the potato market is in quite a slump, price-wise, Bram Werkman from Landjuweel in Oosternieland, the Netherlands, also sees plenty of bright spots. ďI understand the negative mood from a farmerís point of view, but there are plenty of positive things from our point of view. Thereís a sufficient amount of good quality potatoes, and regular sales to supermarkets are higher than last year. More promotions can be done compared to last year, when everything was too expensive, and supermarkets are quite active with promotions. Itís easier for us to put potatoes, even special varieties, in the spotlight for consumers.Ē

ďIt is and will remain a special situation. The harvest started six to eight weeks later. Plenty of supply is becoming available now, but it took a while. Yields are considerable, although there will always be a bit of pressure from batches that canít be stored for longer periods, or are lost. Thereís much diversity regarding that. When there are more potatoes of poorer quality, it always puts pressure on prices. Growers will have to say goodbye to loose product earlier this year. On the other hand, we can sell the potatoes harvested last quite well. In my opinion, harvesting damages arenít too bad, although the colour of the potatoes is a bit poorer this year,Ē Bram continues. 

ďAll in all, we canít complain about the table potato market this year. If we choose properly, we can sell potatoes quite well this year. I donít predict a price recovery for the coming weeks, but people will definitely have to pay more for good quality potatoes during the course of the coming year. Thatís also why growers who have good quality potatoes are now staying calm. The supply of great quality French potatoes is also supposed to be considerably smaller. A price recovery is not imminent, but never say never.Ē

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Publication date: 11/17/2017

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