China: Price of spring onions rising dramatically

As one of the most important cooking ingredients, along with ginger and garlic, spring onions are a year-round staple in most households. Recently, in the markets of Xinjiang Province, there have also been local varieties from Anningqu and Xishan, as well as  for those from Shandong Province. The prices of some varieties have risen by over 3 yuan compared to last November.

This year the crop has been good, and the spring onions from Anningqu, Wujiaqu, Xishan and Nanshan have accounted for half of the market supply. Due to rotten roots, the crop of spring onions from Shandong has decreased and thus has driven up the prices. The reason behind the rising prices of Shandong spring onions is the reduced crop. In contrast, what caused the prices of the spring onions from Xinjiang to rise this year was that the farmers here have reduced their total growing area. The market demand has remained stable, thus driving up the prices of new spring onions.

Source: Xingjiang Morning Post

Publication date: 11/14/2017

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