DT Dijkstra enters collaboration with Visar Sorting
"The sorting machine can sort every type of carrot"

DT Dijkstra has entered into a collaboration with Visar Sorting for the delivery of the Sortop optical sorting machinery. With this agreement, DT Dijkstra will be able to offer the newest completely automatic electronic sorter suitable for sorting carrots and potatoes, as well as their existing products. The Visar Sortop can sort any party of carrots or potatoes consistently and efficiently, which makes sorting by hand unnecessary, indicates DT Dijkstra. 

The Visar Sortop machine.

There is an option to judge various products based on a 360 degree camera image fully automatically. The Sortop module can process carrots and potatoes alternately with minimum setting changes, according to the software settings

This sorter was designed to inspect every type of carrot (even squint and misshapen) with a diameter between 10 and 60 mm and a length between 25 and 400 mm. The camera can sort and classify various carrots with good efficiency, says DT Dijkstra.

The Sortop can sort both washed and unwashed (planting) potatoes with efficiency and consistency. The following points are important according to the producer:
DT Dijkstra can be found at the Agritechnica in hall 24 - stand B01. 

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Publication date: 11/10/2017

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