Dinesh Kankariya, Deesha International
Smooth season for Indian ginger

Indian ginger is a year round product. The company Deesha International supplies ginger for both the domestic market and export. The company is based in the area of Nashik, where the ginger season starts around October and lasts until June/July.

“We’ve already started with our ginger production, though it still takes about 15 more days until ginger of the best possible quality is going to be harvested,” explains Dinesh Kankariya of Deesha International. “Expectations for this year are good. We had a good rainy season and also had a good planting season. So crops are going to be good.”

The production of ginger in India is massive, with 2,000 to 3,000 trucks loading ginger every day. The domestic market for ginger in India is big as well. “We’re a big country, so we can focus more on domestic demand than on export. However, we do export to the Middle East and Asian countries.”

Indian ginger has to compete with ginger from China. China’s ginger season is scheduled at a different time than for India. Also, Expats in the Middle East, like Pakistani labourers, tend to prefer the ginger from India.

All in all, Dinesh is positive about the coming ginger harvest. “This year is going to be a smooth season,” says Dinesh in conclusion.

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Publication date: 11/3/2017
Author: Yzza Ibrahim
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