China: Zhuhai Port Quarantine service detects Monilinia fructicola fungus for the first time

On October 17, the Technical Center  of the Zhuhai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau found a Monilinia fructicola fungus in a batch of honey peaches. This was the first time such a dangerous plant pathogen had been detected at an international port. Given the risk of transmission, the batch was immediately destroyed.
According to the report, in the early morning, the Inspection and Quarantine officers checked the personal belongings of a Macao worker with X-rays and found fruits and veg that are banned from entering. After a closer inspection, police confiscated 1 batch of honey peaches weighing 0.35 kg. They instructed the worker that peaches must be eaten fresh and can't be kept in the luggage. 

Source: Technical Center Zhuhai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau

Publication date: 10/23/2017

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