Giro Pack unveils new Box Filler and Dynamic Weigher

Giro Pack have announced new a box filling machine and high-speed dynamic weigher which the company hopes will further streamline and automate packinghouse bagging operations. 

From left to right, EXACT-100 and the GBF-100

The company claims the Exact-100 offers more bags per minute, increased accuracy, and the ability to feed 3 baggers simultaneously with the same footprint as most layouts with only 2 baggers.  

The GBF-100 automates the last step in the packaging line (the filling of boxes with net bags); which helps improve efficiency and saves in labor costs. 

EXACT-100 Features:
GBF-100 Features:
For more information:
Jennifer Doxey
Giro Pack
Tel: +34 559 474 5694

Publication date: 10/20/2017

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