Carrots labelled organic found to contain pesticides in France

Some carrots labelled as organic in France have been found to contain more pesticides than non-organic ones, a France 3 investigation has found.

The broadcaster sent carrots - chosen as it is a vegetable that tends to retain pesticides - bought from eight stores for testing. The produce selected was evenly split along bio / non-bio lines.

No trace of pesticides were found in conventional carrots bought from well-known stores Leader Price or Carrefour. Lidl and Primeur du Quartier carrots contained traces well below maximum permitted limits.

Three of the four organic brands - from Carrefour, Naturalia and La Vie Claire - were also free of pesticides, but Bio c'Bon produce bought for the study contained 'residues of three phytosanitary products' that are 'prohibited in the organic culture', the France 3 team discovered.


Publication date: 10/16/2017

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