First multi-product organic fruit and veg brand arrives in Spain

The consumption of organic products in Spain already amounts to around 1,500 million Euro per year; a figure that continues to increase. According to the latest data from the Spanish multinational consultancy firm Everis, the industry could be generating 12,182 million Euro by 2020, which would entail a 26% annual growth. The report also notes that the main lines of organic products consumed in Spain are those of fresh products, especially fruit and vegetables. The creation of Biovivo responds to this growing demand for organic products by Spanish consumers and will help bring quality organic fruits and vegetables to all households; that is, products cultivated while ensuring the protection of the soil's natural fertility and the recovery of its biodiversity.

Biovivo is hitting the market backed by the 15 years of experience and knowledge behind HaciendasBio, a company created in 2001 by José Ramón Rituerto and Paco Casallo. It is the largest producer of organic fruit and vegetables in Spain and leader in the export of these organic products to European markets such as Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands or the Scandinavian countries.

"In the European countries where the consumption of organic products has become more normal, organic fruit and vegetables can be found in all distribution channels. With Biovivo, we want to replicate this strategy in Spain. Our brand makes its products available to specialised stores, traditional retailers and supermarket chains," explains Paco Casallo, promoter of Biovivo. Moreover, Casallo affirms that "the long experience of HaciendasBio, which has been growing organic fruit and vegetables  for almost two decades, has allowed the company to learn that only the healthiest plants give the most delicious fruits, and that is precisely Biovivo's commitment."

HaciendasBio has made an investment of 40 million Euro in the development of the products on which the brand will be sustained. The creation of the Biovivo brand has cost one million Euro and is expected to generate 25 million Euro in turnover annually within 5 years, when the brand becomes consolidated.

First multi-product organic fruit and vegetable brand in the market
Biovivo is the first multi-product organic fruit and vegetables brand. It features more than 40 fruit and vegetable categories that represent 95% of the varieties consumed by the Spanish market.

The brand respects each crop's seasons. In this sense, the farms are distributed across different areas of the Spanish territory in order to expand the supply over a longer period of time, and they also work with different varieties in order to extend the period of availability.

During its first year in the market, Biovivo has signed agreements with Consum, Eroski, Caprabo, Euromadi, Alimerca, Mercabarna-Rafols, Cal Fruitňs, Carrefour, Ahorramás, Merca Madrid-Olivar and Hermanos Martín.

Biovivo, quality organic fruit and vegetables
All Biovivo farms have the mandatory certificates issued by the European Union, as well as the world's leading certificates: Demeter, Bio Suisse Organic, Produto orgánico Brasil, BIO Nach EG-Okö-Verordnung, Agriculture Biologique, Naturland, TESCO Nurture, BRC Certification and IFS (International Food Standard).

In addition to these certifications, Biovivo produces with its own model, characterised by the self-control of all processes. It is a system that ensures the authenticity of the origin of the fruits and the recovery of the soil's fertility and the biodiversity of the farms.
A biological process
Biovivo is a project with principles and values, profitable for all actors in the chain, from the ecosystem itself to the final distributors:

Publication date: 10/16/2017

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